Friday 6th May 2011 - Married for 2972 days

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What We've Learnt! - 14/04/11 - 4:08pm

I don't think i ever expected planning a wedding to be sooooo stressful.

There have been a few low points planning this wedding, things that people dont warn you of. Most important lesson, you can't make everyone happy, and why should we? It's OUR day, and the low points have only made us stronger and realise who really matters, and wants us to be happy.

But then there's been the highs, which outweigh the low points, seeing the registrar for the final time a couple of weeks ago, having the small run through in her office and suddenly realising that we really are getting married.

I really want to thank my mum (Julie), she's has been a total rock, and calmed me down, when i couldn't find whatever it was i was looking for, she managed to find it, and the little gifts that kept popping up & kept us smiling and excited.

Also thanks to Craig's parents for doing the same for him.

We are 22 days away from becoming Mr and Mrs, Craig's bursting with excitement, im still looking for a guestbook, but we're almost there, there is light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel!  

We're Getting Married This Year!! - 03/01/11 - 7:17pm

It feels soooooo good to finally be able to say that Craig and I are getting married this year!! It's 2011, Happy New Year to everyone, we hope that you are looking forward to our big day as much as we are!!

Most things are organised, and today we have been out delivering the Day Invites, we are very excited to get the RSVP's in!! Evening Invites will follow shortly.

So see you in 123 days!



Do nicknames count?!? - 20/07/10 - 2:40pm

So we are now 290 days away from tying the knot! I feel pretty excited, although we do have a couple of weddings to go to till we get to ours!

Craig and I went along to Ipswich Registry Office on 6th July, this was to do the "how well do you know each other interview"! It’s ok it seems we know each other pretty well, although when Craig was asked if he went by any other names, he asked if nicknames counted, no Craig we won’t be referring to you as Jaffa in the ceremony!

I have now officially brought my dress and tiara! (thanks mum)

So has everyone booked their rooms yet?

Please add more songs to the playlist people!!



Its all go! - 07/05/10 - 3:56pm

So, this week has been a fairly busy wedding week. As we had a nice free Bank Holiday Monday, we went round delivering our Save the Date cards. Chances are if you are reading this you recieved one! Hope you have been able to Save the Date.

On Tuesday (4th May), I took my mum and Jane to Clacton to see a wedding dress i REALLY wanted, which when we got there looked awful on, but i did manage to try on 10 other dresses and one of them was perfect!

On Wednesday (5th May) we met with a photographer, he was a lovely man, and takes beautiful photos, so we snapped him up, (see what i did there).

Then on Thursday (6th May), we were offically a year away from the big day! We booked all our legal bits and pieces with Ipswich Registry office, we'll be having our question and answer session on 6th July. And that date also means that Craig and I have been together 5 years!

So that's where we're at so far! All major things are booked! Countdown is on!




Its all coming together - 12/04/10 - 3:46pm

Welcome to our first blog! How exciting! Not much has been done yet, in regards to planning. We can confirm the venue, Claydon Country House, Ipswich, when we saw the place we pretty much knew it was THE ONE, so we booked up for Friday 6th May 2011.

Bridesmaid and Best Man have both been told of their roles on the day. Bron Cooper is the Bridesmaid, and Dale Burns is the best man, (yes we're concerned about the speech too!!)

Save the Date cards will be coming to you all shortly!




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