Friday 6th May 2011 - Married for 2972 days

Wedding Party Profiles

All you need to know about the Wedding party!

Not the singer, just Kirsty's little brother

Curtis (aka Kipper)
Curtis (aka Kipper)Kirsty's very special little brother! Curtis will be around when the photos are being taken making sure we get all the people in the photos we want!

My Beautiful Bridesmaid Bron

Bronwyn Cooper
Bronwyn CooperKirsty and Bron have been friends for many years, we met at Stagecoach performing school! Bron's now part of a great band UNDERLINE THE SKY!!

Best Man
It can only be Mr Dale Burns!

Dale Burns
Dale BurnsWe're all looking forward the Dale's speech on the day, I'm sure he'll manage to leave us a little red in the face!!

Our Mums - Julie and Jane

Julie Harrison
Julie HarrisonJulie is Kirsty's mother. Julie got married herself on 13th August 2010, and has been and will continue to be a great help on the day!
Jane Burns
Jane BurnsJane is Craig's mother, Jane is going to be making the cake for our big day, its sure to impress!

There's only one Simon Burns!

Simon Burns
Simon BurnsSimon is Craig's father. A man of much wisdom and a total computer wiz!