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We want to know what you like to dance too, we want to get a good mix of music at the reception so you can all get up and dance into the night!

So just fill in the below and we'll make sure your song is played on the night!

Enjoy! xxx

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Question 1 - What songs would you like played at the Reception?

Full list of responses:
Kirsty : I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Craig Burns : Birdy Song
Julie Harrison : Dirty Dancing melody
Gilda : New New York of course and Cliff!
Heidi : Flo Rida - Low
Best Man : Bare naked ladies 1 week
Ann Escobar : Amazed, Lonestar
Craig Burns : funhouse
Lesley Cooper : Boyzone - Better. Its perfect for your special day xx
Heidi : Usher - OMG
Bronwyn : I'm ready Bryan adams
Mum Burns : You & I - George Michael
Matt Burns : Moment 4 Life --- Nicki Minaj

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